Steps and Stages : from 9-12, the Preteen Years

Steps and Stages : from 9-12, the Preteen Years

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Your nine- to twelve-year old no longer requires the constant supervision and care that a younger child needs, but isn't yet pushing too hard for the freedoms yearned for by teenagers. Happily or ominously, the signs of approaching adolescence are unmistakably there. Issues addressed in The Preteen Years include freedom and responsibility (living with rules; leaving your child at home alone or to babysit); your preteen's social life (peer pressure, parties and sleepovers); puberty (how to talk about menstruation, sex and personal hygiene); and preteen pleasures (responding to kids' sometimes unusual interests, pop culture and social causes). The Steps and Stages series blends expert advice and parental experience to tackle the typical - but by no means simple - challenges and milestones you and your child will face at each stage of development. Chock full of anecdotes, tips and resources, these unique books address the everyday, practical issues of raising kides - issues that all parents wonder about, but few parenting guides discuss.If your child is usually responsible but forgets to tell you one day when he goes to a frienda#39;s house, a reminder that you ... If she forgets to feed the dog once, you can remind her. ... Maybe she should do something nice for him (when she calms down), like taking over one of his chores or helping him build his new Lego set.

Title:Steps and Stages : from 9-12, the Preteen Years
Author:Teresa Pitman, Holly Bennett
Publisher:Key Porter - 1998


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