Still Bigger Than Pink

Still Bigger Than Pink

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Conclusion On January 2, 2009, I saw my oncologist for my annual scans. While I am confident in my wellness and feel better than I have ever felt, I cannot help but be a bit nervous each time the tests are run. I am alive and well with great news! All are clear and I remain qno evidence of diseaseq! I know dedication to self-care and my new IsAgenix regimen are working to create balance in my body allowing for optimum healing! My doctors cannot give me definite answers as to why my treatments have been successful when others have failed, or even why I'm still alive and thriving now, NINE years after my stage IV, metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. However, they have said many times that I qam a very proactive patient.q Of course, being proactive does not guarantee success and long-term survival - unfortunately, there are no guarantees. However, I feel that truly believing that I was not going to die, most certainly was an important factor. In addition to that, my faith, the support of my family and friends, the combination of everything discussed in this book, and yes, a little luck, have all contributed to my long-term survival. Prior to being diagnosed with cancer, I would not necessarily have considered myself an extraordinarily lucky person. Now, however, the quality of life I live every day is much richer, the special moments more memorable, and the love I have to offer both to myself as well as to others, is deeper and more fulfilling. This is precisely why I tell everyone I meet that I feel qblessedq to have actually had cancer, and I continue to be deeply grateful to now be healthy and happy. Journey well! Lori C. Lober, CSP, MIRMMy journey to wellness is ever evolving and with each turn I evaluate what is working, what feels right and if I need to make a change. ... 2008 a fellow survivor , Sara Bruckshaw, told me about a scientifically - based cellular nourishing and cleansing system. ... After Sara told me about these masterfully crafted products that work in harmony throughout our entire body, I couldna#39;t wait to try IsAgenix. I cannotanbsp;...

Title:Still Bigger Than Pink
Author:Csp Mirm Lori Lober
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-05-01


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