Still in the Hamptons

Still in the Hamptons

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More encounters with the sometimes rich, sometimes famous, but always quirky residents of the Hamptons, by the editor and publisher of Dana€™s Papers. a€œDana€™s memoirs are like Dana€™s newspapers: charming, whimsical, fun, and filled with insightful knowledge of the East End conveyed with a twinkle in the eye. Come to think of it, that describes Dan in person as well! Buy this book!a€ a€” Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs Yes, Dan Rattiner is still in the Hamptons, and after fifty-plus years on the eastern end of Long Island, most of them as publisher of the regiona€™s free weekly newspaper, Dana€™s Papers, he still has a lot of stories to tell. Here, offered in his signature dry, observant, and self-deprecating wit, are Rattinera€™s further encounters with the billionaires and celebrities, the farmers and fishermen, the eccentric artists and ordinary folks, who together make the Hamptons one of the most fashionable, exclusive, and entertaining communities in the United States. As Tom Wolfe once noted, a€œ If a guy says it happened in the Hamptons, and Dan Rattiner doesna€™t know about it, it didna€™t.a€ The people he writes about are presented in chronological order from 1959 to today, just as Rattiner lived it and has remembered it. Still in the Hamptons will help you understand what the Hamptons used to be and what it has become, and will provide an entertaining read along the way.The news was that on a Saturday night, a man named Pedro Martinez, driving a 2003 Honda Civic, jumped the pedestal and collided with the monument. It had been two in ... There were a few chunks chipped out of it and it would need repair .

Title:Still in the Hamptons
Author:Dan Rattiner
Publisher:SUNY Press - 2012-07-25


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