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A UFO crash sends a small Texas town into uproar The sun rises on Inferno and Bordertown: patches of civilization carved out of the tough Texas earth, watching each other and waiting to see which dies first. The copper mine is finished, and both townsa€”one for the whites and one for the Mexicansa€”are wasting away. Now a pair of mysterious visitors is about to make them shrink faster. The black ball lands first. A small sphere, snapped off of an alien ship as it plummets through the atmosphere, it explodes onto Jessie Hammonda€™s truck. When Jessiea€™s daughter picks it up, the object possesses the young girla€™s body and begins trying to communicate. As Jessie tries to rescue her daughter, something far more deadly sets down in the desert. An interstellar war has come to Texas, and Inferno is going to burn.Rhodes had been trained in a€œfact guarding, a€ as the Bluebook Project manual put it, but how could you hide something as big as thata€” There was a low, reverberating sound over the noise of the flames; ... a€œLooks like a damn bug zapper!

Author:Robert R. McCammon
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2011-10-18


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