Stock Market Trading

Stock Market Trading

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qBuy low, sell highq If you have ever traded stocks in the stock market, then I am sure that you have heard of this phrase. Have you ever purchased a stock that you thought was low in price, only to see it go lower after you have purchased the stock. Well if you have, you are not alone. Because this happens to just about everyone that has invested in the stock market. The problem is, knowing when a stock is at a low price and it is time to purchase it. This is really very simple. The only time a stock is at a low price is when it goes up after you purchase it. By now you are saying to your self, I know that. Well could you have known that the stock was going up without a tip from some one? Even with that tip, could you have analyzed the stock to see for your self? If not, then this book is for you. Its main purpose is to enable you to find, analyze, purchase, and sell stocks on your own while making a hansom profit along the way. With this book you will be able to find main events in a stock's history right up to the current time to let you know if this is a stock to purchase and when, or to leave it alone.Generally speaking, stocks do not sell for what they are worth but what investors think they are worth. This is important in understanding the ... In other words, get out quick. Dona#39;t go into the market thinking that the money will come easy and quickly because it is hard to make money consistently. It can be done if you keep ananbsp;...

Title:Stock Market Trading
Author:Geary Hooper
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2003


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