Stocks for the Long Run

Stocks for the Long Run

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qIt's been called the world's greatest casino - but the stock market is far more than a game of chance. Despite the short-term instability of the market, stocks have proven to be better investments than bonds over the long run. Financial expert Jeremy Siegel gives shrewd and practical advice on building wealth through buying stocks in this thorough analysis of the market and the factors that affect it. If you're about to invest, this is the guide you need to understand the stock market as an attractive option.q qBase your investment choices on a clear understanding of why, and not just how, the market reacts to economic forces, Siegel urges. His unique and substantive guide gives investors essential background on the stock market by explaining the historical returns on stocks and bonds over the past two centuries - and discusses the risk and return profile on financial assets that makes stocks safer and more productive long-term investments.q qAlong with practical tips and guidelines, this complete guide includes a detailed description of market performances since 1802 - including nearly 100 original charts and graphs - providing a unique perspective on returns and market fluctuations; an examination of the economic, political, and fiscal changes that affect the stock market, such as deficits, taxes, inflation - even war; and an analysis of long-term stock opportunities in foreign markets - a timely topic for today's investors.q qYou'll discover how to calculate the effects of calendar anomalies, inflation, taxes, and many other factors on market volatility - and how to structure your portfolio accordingly. (Insights from the stock crashes of October 1929 and 1987 help investors understand why stock risks have changed over time.) Siegel's thorough analysis not only covers stock returns - including the qnifty fifty, q market capitalization, and after-tax returns - but explains why the market moves as it does and offers an idea of what to expect from the future.q--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved... 274-78 Stocks, see also Growth stocks; Nifty fifty stocks; Value stocks corporate changes in nifty fifty, 103-4 in Cowles ... 113-15 Tax deferral on capital gains, 106 , 108-9, 113 gain from, 115 Tax indexation, 166-67 Technical analysis, 251-52.

Title:Stocks for the Long Run
Author:Jeremy J. Siegel
Publisher:Irwin Professional Publishing - 1994-01-01


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