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A doctor discovers the surprising truth about marijuana No substance on earth is as hotly debated as marijuana. Opponents claim ita€™s dangerous, addictive, carcinogenic, and a gateway to serious drug abuse. Fans claim it as a wonder drug, treating cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, glaucoma, arthritis, migraines, PTSD, and insomnia. Patients suffering from these conditions needa€”and deservea€”hard facts based on medical evidence, not hysteria and superstition. In Stoned, palliative care physician Dr. David Casarett sets out to do anythinga€”including experimenting on himselfa€”to find evidence of marijuanaa€™s medical potential. He smears mysterious marijuana paste on his legs and samples pot wine. He poses as a patient at a seedy California clinic and takes lessons from an artisanal hash maker. In conversations with researchers, doctors, and patients around the world he learns how marijuana worksa€”and doesna€™ta€”in the real world. Dr. Casarett unearths tales of near-miraculous success, such as a child with chronic seizures who finally found relief in cannabidiol oil. In Tel Aviv, he learns of a nursing home thata€™s found success giving marijuana to dementia patients. On the other hand, one patient who believed marijuana cured her lung cancer has clearly been misled. As Casarett sifts the myth and misinformation from the scientific evidence, he explains, among other things: a€c Why marijuana might be the best treatment option for some types of pain a€c Why therea€™s no significant risk of lung damage from smoking pot a€c Why most marijuana-infused beer or wine wona€™t get you high Often humorous, occasionally heartbreaking, and full of counterintuitive conclusions, Stoned offers a compassionate and much-needed medical practitionera€™s perspective on the potential of this misunderstood plant. From the Hardcover edition.Allen asks Lisa about how she uses her marijuanaa€”a series of conversational questions about method (vaporizer), brand (Volcano), timing (generally in the ... Now as she walks out the door of this dispensary, Lisa is carrying a paper bag whose contents will let her take control of her own symptoms. ... I received no advice, or instructions, except a routine warning not to drive or operate heavy machinery.

Author:David Casarett M.D.
Publisher:Penguin - 2015-07-14


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