Stop Burning Your Money

Stop Burning Your Money

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People, as a rule, will work hard within cultural common sense and just assume that all will go well. But, qright now, 90 million Americans are faced with the most critical investment challenges of their lives.q They are not prepared and are unsure how they will support themselves when they retire. That cultural common sense must not be working. Financial advisors are taught to advise the majority of people. The median household income in this country is $46, 000 a year. Financial institutions are organized around acquiring the masses as clients. The clients of Clearline Financial Group are the top 10% households as defined by annual income and net worth. We are committed to building a firm that will help our clients in areas that matter to then most. Many of our clients have questions like: Am I making the best use of the dollars I am saving? Will I be able to retire and be okay given I may live 25-30 years in retirement? Am I exposed to losing a great deal of my wealth or income if I were to be sued? When I leave this earth what kind of impact will I leave behind? Clearline Financial Group was created as a result of its founder realizing that many people feel as though they have been taken advantage of when meeting with a traditional financial advisor. Often these people are pushed toward a set of pre-packaged investments that aren't tailored to their desires. These potential clients can feel they have lost control of their money and aren't involved in the process. We offer a process that gives our clients the tools to succeed and supplies them with guidance on how to use those tools to achieve their dreams.How to recapture the money youa#39;re losing and add it to your familya#39;s wealth Paul Adams. Ita#39;s a free country, and ... For example, a husband might have a a€œrulea€ that says that you lease a new car every two years, because his father got a new caranbsp;...

Title:Stop Burning Your Money
Author:Paul Adams
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-05-10


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