Stop Global Street Harassment: Growing Activism around the World

Stop Global Street Harassment: Growing Activism around the World

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Once a largely dismissed problem, street harassment is now headline news and being addressed by many international agencies and governments worldwide. This book details how a growing number of individuals, small groups, international organizations, and government agencies worldwide are working to create safe public spaces. a€c Makes a clear case for why street harassment is a human rights violation and provides evidence that illustrates its scope and status as a serious problem internationally a€c Provides a collection of studies and personal stories from more than a dozen countries on six continents a€c Weighs the pros and cons of laws intended to curtail street harassment a€c Documents how street harassment is a global problem and how individuals worldwide are taking action to create safer communities for all a€c Highlights how news stories in combination with individual outrage, community action, and online tools can lead to substantive social changea€œI felt like my heart was going to melt down when we posted a poster and a shopkeeper who was there watching us post it couldna#39;t read it [because he was ... One flier had an image of flat shoes with the words a€œThese shoes do not make me a prude. ... In 2014, she also went to Mexico City.13 Graffiti Art and Murals A related action against street harassment is painting murals and spraypainting graffiti, anbsp;...

Title:Stop Global Street Harassment: Growing Activism around the World
Author:Holly Kearl
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2015-08-30


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