Stop smoking

Stop smoking

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Stop smoking isn't like other books out there on the market. Addicts know the risks they take every time they inhale. They hear all the negative publicity and government warnings too. They may be smokers but they arena€™t stupid. What they want is tried and tested methods to help them to stop. Thata€™s where Peter and Clive come in. In Stop smoking they reveal tips and advice on every topic to do with breaking the habit, from how to stop the chain reaction of 'I've had one, why not have another..', to exploring alternative therapies to help you quit, via ideas for keeping yourself busy to beat the cravings and ways to de-stress your life after youa€™ve given up. Most importantly of all, this book never belittles the scale of the battle you'll fight as you quit, and with its collection of tips, ideas, advice and information you'll be well armed to win. It won't be easy, but with help and support, you can do it!Nicotine chewing gum is great because it gives you a nicotine fix where and when you need it. ... that you are not restricted to using designated smoking areas in public places and can get the relief you need wherever you happen to be.

Title:Stop smoking
Author:Peter Cross, Clive Hopwood
Publisher:Infinite Ideas - 2006-12-04


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