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This little adventure story of bravery, passion and endurance begins on the morning of a a localized but intense storm that subsequently sees Joey and the girls embark on a search and rescue mission where they battle huge and treacherous seas in order of saving the crew of a stricken supertanker. The seas turn to fizz and many sea creatures are found dead which leads to many questions being asked that require answers to be found. While this is happening, a small band of mercenaries or militia sees their initial plan of taking the supertanker and holding it for ransom thwarted. They then decide to embark on a secondary objective; there paths cross with Joey and Rebecca after which sees Joey and Rebecca left for dead and fighting for their lives. Eventually Joey and Rebecca realizes success after exploring some diving sites and are greatly rewarded after discovering treasure in the oceans depths.There it was, a€“ a connection, and he used skype to see how Fred had faired. The system used for ... They lost a windmill, and he would have to do some fairly minor repair work to the roof of the large machinery and storage shed. Despite theanbsp;...

Author:Paul Sportel
Publisher:Fontaine Press Pty Ltd - 2015-07-14


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