Storms, Violent Winds, and Earth's Atmosphere

Storms, Violent Winds, and Earth's Atmosphere

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Whether ruining a commute or devastating entire countries, inclement weather has the power to capture attention and headlines. This book examines the science that gives us a greater understanding of the patterns that produce hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, and a host of related conditions. It also discusses another persistent issue of inclement weather, which is how to better predict climatic extremes.BEAUFORT NAME OF WIND SPEED DESCRIPTION OF SEA NUMBER WIND KNOTS KPH SURFACE 0 calm alt; 1 alt; 1 sea like a mirror 1 light air 1a€”3 1a€”5 ripples with appearance of scales are formed, without foam crests 2 light 4a€”6 6 a€”11 small wavelets Still Short but breeze more pronounced; crests have a glassy appearance but do not break 3 gentle 7a€”10 12a€”19 large wavelets; crests beginanbsp;...

Title:Storms, Violent Winds, and Earth's Atmosphere
Author:Britannica Educational Publishing
Publisher:Britannica Educational Publishing - 2010-04-01


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