Stranded at the Drive-In

Stranded at the Drive-In

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Acclaimed writer of This is Uncool and Popcorn turns his attention to the (first ever) look at the teen movie Everyone undergoes some kind of teenage trauma, and a fundamental way of coping, or rite of passage, is the teen movie. Yet until now there has been no book that explores this successful movie sub-genre with any depth. Step forward Garry Mulholland, who, taking his cue from his previous, hugely acclaimed pop culture list books (This is Uncool and Fear of Music), seeks to create a pantheon of the very finest teen movies, or in Garry Mulholland's words: 'I'll be doing what film critics have been loathe to do since the 1950s, and taking the entire subculture of teen movies seriously, making a constant and compelling argument that Grease and A Nightmare on Elm Street tell us a great deal more about modern life and human nature than Citizen Kane and The Godfather.' From Kes to Fame, Badlands to the Breakfast Club, and National Lampoon's Animal House to Twilight, Garry Mulholland re-evaluates a much maligned genre, and brings it all back again: the good, the bad and the traumatic.Starring: Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Seann William Scott Dir. ... Horror fans disagree , investing money and love in a franchise that has so far produced five movies, nine books and a series of comic books. ... if this unexplained tragedy that killed 230 people could only be explained by predestination: the victims were meant to die, so they did. ... With Scream (see here) having reset the teen slasher genre as a postmodern form of meta-film-making, he and screenwriters Reddick and Glen anbsp;...

Title:Stranded at the Drive-In
Author:Garry Mulholland
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-11-24


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