Strange Foods

Strange Foods

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You might think anchovies and fruitcake are pretty weird foods. But wait until you hear about durian, a huge, spiky fruit that smells like gym socks. Or salmiakki, the licorice with a salty, fishy taste. And don?t forget kopi luwak, the coffee made from?poop! Discover all kinds of unusual foods from around the world!So is it the biggest fruit? The tastiest? The most popular? Nope. Durian gets called king because it is the baddest! Durian is stinky, thorny, and almost impossible to open. Outside, ita#39;s a greenish-yellow porcupinea€”a thick, 1-foot- long (0.3 m)anbsp;...

Title:Strange Foods
Author:Michael J. Rosen, Ben Kassoy
Publisher:Millbrook Press - 2013-10-01


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