Strange Matters

Strange Matters

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Scientists studying the universe find strange things in two placesA—out in space and in their heads. This is the story of how the most imaginative physicists of our time perceive strange features of the universe in advance of the actual discoveries. It is almost a given that physics and cosmology present us with some of the grandest mysteries of all. What weightier questions to ponder than, qHow does the universe work?q or qWhat is the universe made of?q There are any number of bizarre phenomena that could provide clues or even answers to these queries. The strangeness ranges from unusual forms of matter and realms of existence to wild ideas about how time and space are related to one another. Many of these proposals may well turn out to be wrong. But how many will be proven to be right? This book speaks for the scientific theorists who are bold enough to imagine and predict the impossible. New ideas are percolating in their heads every day. One physicist may dream of subatomic particles that could resolve a variety of cosmological conundrums while another may study the likes of qfunny energy, q which may explain how rapidly the universe is expanding. This is the stuff of Strange Matters. In broad terms, this book is about a variety of discoveries that theorists of the past imagined before the observers and experimenters actually saw them. Moreover, it is about the things that todayA’s are now imaginingA—but haven't yet been discovered or confirmed by the observers. Strange Matters artfully mixes the present with the past and future, reporting from the frontiers of research where history is in the process of being made. Each chapter examines a different step along the twisted path we've walked to gain our rudimentary understanding of the universe, incorporating historical examples of successful qprediscoveriesq with current stories that relate brand new ideas. We come to see the universe not only in terms of what has already been discovered, but also in terms of what has yet to be observed. Strange Matters is a guide to the discoveries of the twenty-first century, a series of visions dreamt by the most imaginative scientists of our time merged with the achievements of the pastA—to point the way towards even greater accomplishments of the future.In 1932, the Russian physicist Lev Landau, inspired by the recent discovery of the neutron, suggested that stars made of ... As the star collapses upon itself, its inner core (made of iron) shrinks from a few thousand miles wide to a mere 20 milesanbsp;...

Title:Strange Matters
Author:Tom Siegfried
Publisher:Joseph Henry Press - 2002-08-23


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