Strategic Eating

Strategic Eating

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Think there isn't much you could save on what you eat? Think again! In Strategic Eating, The Econovore's Essential Guide, you'll learn dozens of easy techniques for acquiring and preparing nutritious meals that could cut your costs by literally hundreds of dollars each and every month. Besides saving money, you'll save time, energy, gasoline and effort, too. Strategic Eating focuses on both sides of the equation for achieving a rock-bottom, nutritious food bill. Acquiring the food is the first consideration, and this guide spells out tips and techniques for getting your food cheaply, or even for free. It's not enough to obtain food for the lowest possible prices, though. You also need to plan meals so that no time, effort, energy or food are wasted. Strategic Eating gives its readers dozens of highly-flexible recipes, qflexipes, q that use whatever you have to make delicious entrees. With so many choices, you won't be bored with what you eat, and the preparation usually takes less time and effort than picking up a take-out order.While serious in its goal to share how small changes can make such a huge difference, all work and no play makes a dull book. Strategic Eating is chock-full of humorous asides and anecdotes that entertain even as they inform. There's something for everyone here and it's a fun read.Fatten your wallet. Eat healthfully. Help the environment. And laugh while you're doing it. Read Strategic Eating, then keep it close for frequent reference!I use drippers that allow 8 gallons per hour to leak through them, and one dripper more or less goes to one plant. ... Since 10 minutes is a sixth of an hour, I get roughly 1.33 gallons, or half a pennya#39;s worth of water to each plant each day, on average. ... So, each plant will receive roughly $.45 worth of water, and costs about $.04 to purchase10 and therefore needs to ... Ovens apparently run around 2300 watts/hour, stove tops 1000 watts/hour, microwave ovens 1500 watts/hour, slowanbsp;...

Title:Strategic Eating
Author:Elise Cooke
Publisher:Elise Cooke - 2008-11


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