Strategic Planning Decisions in the High Tech Industry

Strategic Planning Decisions in the High Tech Industry

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The scale and complexity of research and practices of open innovation mandate a correspondingly sophisticated form of decision making. Strategic Planning Decisions brings together a number of tools that ease the decision process in technology companies, providing both conceptual frameworks and practical applications. Innovative approaches are presented such as an ontology-based model where all the relevant aspects of a potential technology are interrelated to provide a comprehensive and logically connected data pool for decision makers. Divided into two sections, Strategic Planning Decisions describe both strategic approaches using the decision tools, and tactical approaches. Some of these tools are expanded while some others are embedded in a model that will lay the ground for practical application. These include: bibliometric analysis, ontology, roadmapping, lead user, six sigma, and multi-actor a multi-objective decision making methods Recent research and relevant theory are balanced with upa€“toa€“date practical applications and handsa€“on techniques making Strategic Planning Decisions ideal for engineers who wish to keep upa€“toa€“date with current ideas in the field of TM. It also provides workable methods for practising managers from all levels who wish to apply a more rigorous approach in their work and consultants concerned with technology assessment and its management.regular operation. Concurrently, they conducted field tests with an ICE-based series-hybrid distribution truck. ... In 2004, Ford released a hybrid version of their Escape SUV on the American market. ... Ford ran into severe financial problems by the mida€”2000s, which slowed down the plans to expand the hybrid model range.

Title:Strategic Planning Decisions in the High Tech Industry
Author:Dilek Cetindamar, Tugrul U. Daim, Berna Beyhan, Nuri Basoglu
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-02-05


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