Strategy, Organization and the Changing Nature of Work

Strategy, Organization and the Changing Nature of Work

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'The book offers a full and wide-ranging analysis of the nature and extent of the organisational changes, and of the role played by employability in the new production contexts. Its strengths lie basically in its multidisciplinary approach, which enables the phenomenon of organisational change to be observed from different angles, and in its commitment to a balance between the pursuit of theory and its empirical underpinnings . . . In summary, this is a well-grounded and argued work, both theoretically and empirically, and will be of interest to anyone wishing to understand the complex nature of organisational change, and especially to those who, even though organisational change may not be their central object of study or concern, nonetheless seek to understand the rich and complex debate concerning processes of organisational transformation as a necessary starting point for the analysis of the broader process of transformation of a model of society.' - Amparo Serrano Pascual, Transfer 'I do not mean to propose any prescriptions for the problem of employment in our time. I leave that to the many fine specialists in the field who have contributed to this book. . . . I find this an excellent and thought-provoking volume that I hope will shed light on a theme of vital significance for people everywhere. For it is in work that people find happiness and fulfilment and meaning.' - From the preface by Carlos CavallAc, University of Navarra, Barcelona, Spain New technologies, global markets and increased competitive pressures mean that companies are having to reinvent themselves, reappraise their competitive strategies and rethink the ways in which they organize business activities. This timely book illustrates how changes in strategy can translate into organizational changes within the firm itself and can influence the relationship between the firm and their employees and collaborators. The authors provide a broad theoretical and empirical assessment of these complex changes, their effect on the nature of employment, and the consequences for both employers and employees. They develop a framework that encompasses the interaction between the strategic reactions of businesses to a changing environment and the restrictions imposed by social institutions. A key theme of the book is that we are now living in an age of transition where concepts such as job security, which have played a crucial role in society, are no longer valid. Indeed, the importance of the research presented in the book is underlined by the social and political implications such changes will undoubtedly bring. Significantly, the authors view the subject matter from an interdisciplinary perspective applying tools from the fields of organizational behavior, sociology and psychology.1. firms following a cost leadership strategy would tend to be more oriented towards a transactional employment ... the cost leadership business strategy typically involves producing relatively few commodity-type products at a lower cost, it isanbsp;...

Title:Strategy, Organization and the Changing Nature of Work
Author:Jordi Gual i Sole, Joan E. Ricart i Costa
Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing - 2001-01-01


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