Street Chronicles Girls in the Game

Street Chronicles Girls in the Game

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a€œNikki Turner has truly brought the female hustlers to light. Fellas betta watch out, because the Girls in the Game are taking over!a€ a€“LaJill Hunt, author of Drama Queen and No More Drama A collection of explosive stories handpicked by the undisputed a€œqueen of hip-hop fiction, a€ Girls in the Game presents an all-women crew of urban-lit divas. The game here is survival, and every ghetto-hardened gangsta in these tales does what shea€™s gotta do to make it ona€“or offa€“the mean streets. Call them what you will, but until youa€™ve faced their reality youa€™ll never know what you would do if you were in their pumps. Just remember: Ita€™s a dirty game, and women are usually the best players. a€œThe game aina€™t to be told but sold. If thata€™s so, the women in Girls in the Game should be millionaires!a€ a€“KaShamba Williams, author of Mind Games a€œShea€™s baaaaaaaack! Nikki Turner has returned, bringing with her the new divas of urban fiction. These ladies raise the bar as they chronicle the streets like never before. Get ready for a literary treat.a€ a€“Tracy Brown, author of White Lines From the Trade Paperback edition.After leaving baggage claim and finding Bossya#39;s 2006 Chrysler 300, Jalil a€œBig Blacka€ Perry got right down to business. ... so when C-Lok brought the subject of Bossy up and explained the problems she was having with Ant, Big Black knew shitanbsp;...

Title:Street Chronicles Girls in the Game
Author:Nikki Turner
Publisher:One World/Ballantine - 2008-12-18


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