Streptococcal Infections

Streptococcal Infections

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Streptococcal Infections: Clinical Aspects, Microbiology, and Molecular Pathogenesis offers an in-depth examination of the spectrum of hemolytic streptococcal infections and their complications. Additionally, the volume incorporates and discusses aspects of pneumococcal, entrococcal, and oral streptococcal disease. The recent resurgence of rheumatic fever, concomitant outbreaks of severe systemic group A streptococcal infections (often accompanied by toxic shock), an increasing incidence of multiple antibiotic resistance among streptococcal species, and an intensified effort to develop effective streptococcal vaccines have brought renewed attention to the continuing role of streptococci for causing significant medical and public health problems in both industrialized and developing countries. Addressing clinical and epidemiological aspects, and microbiological and other approaches of the research scientist, this volume is the first to comprehensively address these clinically important organisms in many years. The contributors are internationally recognized for their expertise, making this book invaluable for infectious disease physicians, (internists, pediatricians, and family physicians, microbiologists, epidemiologists, and basic scientists with an interest in streptococcal infections and their complications.of. Group. B. Streptococcal. Disease. in. Newborns. 9-hemolysin a€c Penetrationthrough placental membranes, ... risk factors for early-onset disease, late-onset infections most commonly affect term newborns with unremarkable perinatal histories. ... with early-onset infection are well distributed among the various capsular serotypes, while most isolates from infants with ... FERRIERI CRAIG E. RUBENS addressed by basic microbiologic studies: How do GBS colonize pregnant women?

Title:Streptococcal Infections
Author:Dennis L. Stevens, Edward L. Kaplan
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2000


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