Studio Lighting Unplugged

Studio Lighting Unplugged

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This lighting manual shows that successful studio photography does not require a warehouse-sized space brimming with expensive lights, Hollywood-style facades, and a half-dozen assistants making the client lattes. Rather, this guide shows photographers how to create studio lighting effects that range from clean and classic to highly complex and use a garage, spare bedroom, or even a backyard as their a€œstudio.a€ The simple setups show that one to three small, inexpensive electronic flash unitsa€”along with budget-friendly stands, communication systems, and some do-it-yourself light modifiersa€”can be combined to create brilliant studio-quality images without the studio. Numerous sample shoots and plans provide clear instructions for taking control of any environment to create spectacular images.You can connect the camera to the flash with a physical wire or cord, you can use a radio transmitter and receiver set, or you can use an optical ... These cost less than $30, are extraordinarily easy to use, and do not limit your creative freedom.

Title:Studio Lighting Unplugged
Author:Rod Deutschmann, Robin Deutschmann
Publisher:Amherst Media - 2014-12-26


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