Study Less, Learn More

Study Less, Learn More

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qWith this book you'll learn how memory and attention work, and how to put these insights into practice for the most effective and efficient studying. You'll also find research-based answers to questions such as what a study environment should look like, what you need to be doing in class and during study sessions, and how long and how often you should be studying for maximum results.q -- Back cover.Assuming your body is typical in metabolizing caffeine, how long do you think it takes to get to half its potency? The answer: ... So, coffee or energy drinks at midday could affect trying to fall asleep that night. Also, consider ... Apart from its effect on melatonin, light itself can keep you awake or wake you from sleep. Becauseanbsp;...

Title:Study Less, Learn More
Author:Michael W. Wiederman
Publisher:Mindful Publications - 2013-08-01


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