Subud the Coming New Age of Reality

Subud the Coming New Age of Reality

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In Subud the Coming New Age of Reality, author Simon Monbaron, a self-proclaimed Subud qzealotq, shares the knowledge, wisdom and experience he has gained from forty years of receiving the spiritual training known as the qlatihan kejiwaanq of Subud. This massive (594 pages) tome is not just for Subud members, but for anyone who seeks the reality that lies beyond the material world. At last, here is a book I can give to friends and family members who are curious about what I do when I go off to receive the latihan, but are not yet ready to jump into the deep end to find out for themselves! For the merely curious, Monbaron's book recounts the history of Subud, and how it grew from a small group in Indonesia to a world-wide spiritual phenomenon. It tells the story of Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, an unremarkable government clerk whose life changed when a ball of light entered the top of his head when he was out for an evening stroll. And it discusses many aspects of the latihan, which is the central core of Subud. For those who are considering joining Subud, the Monbaron's book provides information regarding what this involves, as well as a detailed description of the Subud organization. Readers may also skip around and find out what Bapak had to say about topics as varied as suicide, feminism, reincarnation, sex, drug use, and many other questions and issues with which people struggle. Whether you use it as a reference manual, a source of fascinating anecdotes and spiritual insights, or a way to learn about a spiritual path of profound power and simplicity, Subud the Coming New Age of Reality is a treasure chest of immense value.aquot;When we observe a fast, or a period of prihatin, the most important aspect is the niat or intention. ... that if members wish to observe Lent according to the way of their particular religion, then they should do so, but first make the niat (intention).

Title:Subud the Coming New Age of Reality
Author:Simon Monbaron
Publisher:Peace - 1999-01-01


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