Succeeding in the Project Management Jungle

Succeeding in the Project Management Jungle

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Ita€™s a jungle out there and project managers are fighting to survivea€b.With countless man-hours clocked and billions of dollars spent every year on project tools, the success rate for projects remains astonishingly low. So whata€™s the solution? Introducing TACTILE Managementa„c, a people-centric system that works in conjunction with an organizationa€™s existing processes. Based on the seven characteristics of high-performance project teamsa€”transparency, accountability, communication, trust, integrity, leadership, and executiona€”the book shows project managers how to: a€c Take project teams out of their functional silos and transform them into a powerful, integrated force a€c Balance the expectations of customers, management, and project teams with the technical requirements of cost, schedule, and performance a€c Apply practical phase-by-phase project guidance to real-life situations a€c Avoid or minimize possible pitfalls a€c And more Every successful project involves someone in the trenches who has the people skills to match process with the capability of his team and organization. This innovative book shows readers how to make the most of their peoplea€band ensure project success.You should use your project charter as a way to rally everyone involved behind a common goal, but also be aware that project charters can be misused in ways that hamper your efforts to lead a successful project. Project Pitfall: Misuse of the anbsp;...

Title:Succeeding in the Project Management Jungle
Author:Doug Russell
Publisher:AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn - 2011


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