Sufferings of Innocent Souls

Sufferings of Innocent Souls

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HR violations is a major issue in Sri Lanka. Rape, Torture, Kidnapping, Intimidation, Ransom, Killing of media men and politicians etc are the main factors of HR violations in the island of Sri Lanka, once called qthe land of paradiseq. This book covers stories on HR violations caused by the ethnic war, some of them based on real incidents. After the independence from the British in 1948, the relationship between the majority and minority communities gradually deteriorated with the occurrence of several communal riots, the worst being the one in 1983. Policies of the Government lead the Tamil youths to take up to arms, when they found that there future are bleak. The first long story titled qSufferings of innocent Soulsq reflects the grievances of the internally displaced (IDP) Tamil citizens after the war. The involvement of paramilitary groups in HR violations is another factor pointed out in some stories. The story qBeach boyq covers the damaged caused by sexual tourism. The story qTemple entryq deals with caste system that prevented low caste people to have access to temples; qWhite Vanq story is based on the kidnapping vehicle used for killing or disappearance and serves as a tool for HR violation in the island.The officers are well paid with many benefits. Siva was one of the few top officers in that company. No Tamil in Middle East would have earned his high tax free salary in Middle East. Through hard ... He had two houses in Colombo7, one at Horton place and the other at Inner Flower road. He rented ... Since he is a product of British education system she wanted to send the daughter to UK to do medicine.

Title:Sufferings of Innocent Souls
Author:Pon Kulendiren
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-09


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