Suitor by Design

Suitor by Design

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From Friends to Sweethearts Minnie Fox's goal is to find a beau who can help support her ailing father and his struggling dress shop. As a working man, her friend Peter Simmons simply doesn't fit the bill. Instead, Minnie's got eyes for Peter's childhood pala€”a wealthy Chicagoan. So why can't she stop thinking about Peter? Peter wishes Minnie would see him as more than a friend. As a hardworking mechanic, Peter knows he'll never be able to dazzle Minnie with fancy suits and expensive cars. But maybe he can prove to her that what's in a man's heart is worth more than what's in his wallet. The Dressmaker's Daughters: Pursuing their dreams a stitch at a timehen Minnie saw the gash in the leather, shegasped.a€œI cana#39;tfix that. Ita#39;s not just the seam. Some of the leather ripped, too.a€ a€œAre you sure you cana#39;t do something?a€ Peter looked stricken. a€œThe torn part is real low. The seat cushion will hide it.

Title:Suitor by Design
Author:Christine Johnson
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-10-01


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