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Paul Murdock is back! The Vietnam War took away Murdock's ability to walk, but did nothing to diminish his intellect, street smarts, or his win-at-all-costs attitude toward his work as a high-priced private investigator. Bored and divorced (again), Murdock accepts a job tracking down a runaway girl whose idealism has taken her to the rugged plains of Afghanistan. Murdock knows the dangers of operating in that war-torn country, but never expects the case to take him even further from home: to the streets of Moscow. This is not the grim, oppressive capitol of the former Soviet Union, however, but a reborn metropolis awash in new money and old vendettas. One of the forces behind the New Russia turns out to be Ivan Dubrynin; once a major player in the Russian underworld, but now a marked man for betraying his sacred oath to the qThieves World.q Dubrynin offers to help Murdock with his case if, in turn, Murdock agrees to escort Dubrynin and his two granddaughters safely out of the country. No easy task, since Dubrynin is targeted by the Russian Mob, embittered business rivals, and a corrupt police force. The only thing working in Murdock's favor is the assistance of Svetlana Iosha, a former Moscow cop-turned bodyguard, as deadly as she is beautiful. Danger and death lurk around every corner and down every alley, but Murdock prefers risk over boredom.How does that work?aquot; aquot;They stopped by after work with their own beer, aquot; the bartender said, aquot;and theya#39;re friends of mine. Now, I let you make your ... aquot;Ia#39;ll give the lady a beer, and it wona#39;t cost you a thing. Okay?aquot; aquot;I dona#39;t want beer ... aquot;I could lose my license if- a€” aquot; aquot;Want to have problems hiring security, Misha?aquot; asked the otheranbsp;...

Author:Michael P. Murphy
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-04


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