Summary : Start Late, Finish Rich - David Bach

Summary : Start Late, Finish Rich - David Bach

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This work offers a summary of the book a€œSTART LATE, FINISH RICH: A No-Fail Plan for Achieving Financial Freedom at Any Agea€ by DAVID BACH. David Bach demonstrates that there are 5 Key Strategies for financial freedom. Unlike other financial books, however, he shows that you dona€™t need to start this process in your twenties a€“ even those in their sixties shouldna€™t panic, because you can start late, but finish rich. Bach explores each of his guidelines in turn, with a refreshingly no-guilt method. Stop beating yourself up for not starting earlier a€“ most of us have busy lives, and unforeseen circumstances ruin many a retirement plan. He demonstrates that ita€™s possible to cut expenditure without hurting your lifestyle; that you can deal with credit card debt whilst paying yourself; that you can invest cleverly with the minimum of risk. Start Late, Finish Rich also contains very specific resources, such as the best websites for retirement plans, and the most efficient ways to pay a mortgage. Bach also gives tactics for getting a raise, and tips for the self-employed. As Bach says himself, a€œThe interesting thing about finishing rich is that ultimately ita€™s not about the money...Ita€™s about having the security and independence to focus on LIVING MORE instead of just having more.a€ Start Late, Finish Rich is a must-have guide for those who want commonsense, no-nonsense help to form their retirement plan.Decide where youa#39;re going to look a€“ which should be somewhere close to your home. ... Be prepared to detail your current income and employment status, how much debt you currently owe and what kind of payment record youa#39;ve ... Start going to open houses a€“ and do your homework on what price houses in your area are selling for at present. ... If you own your own business, buy a building for it a€“ and make yourself rich with the rent youa#39;d otherwise be paying to someone else.

Title:Summary : Start Late, Finish Rich - David Bach
Author:BusinessNews Publishing
Publisher:Primento - 2014-10-28


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