Sun Web Server

Sun Web Server

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Sun Web Server: The Essential Guide William Nelson a€c Arvind Srinivasan a€c Murthy Chintalapati (CVR) Foreword by Scott G. McNealy The authoritative, comprehensive guide to Sun Web Server 7.0 Sun Web Server is the secure web serving platform of choice for large-scale enterprises in industries from finance and telecommunications to travel and government. Now therea€™s a complete, detailed guide to the latest Sun Web Server 7.0 release. Drawing on unsurpassed experience both training and supporting Suna€™s enterprise customers, this booka€™s authors cover everything that developers, administrators, and architects need to know to implement and support Sun Web Server 7.0 within a single node or across an entire server farm. Server administrators will find task-focused coverage and hands-on examples for installation, configuration, cluster management, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Developers and architects will gain powerful insights into Sun Web Servera€™s internals and learn how to extend its built-in functionality. Enterprise deployment specialists will find indispensable information on sizing and tuning, plus reference configurations to deploy advanced Web 2.0a€“style dynamic web sites. Whatever your role, this book will help you hit the ground running and get superior results for years to come. Coverage includes a€c Taking advantage of Sun Web Server 7.0a€™s powerful new features a€c Walking through initial installations and upgrades a€c Customizing Sun Web Servera€™s HTTP request processing to your specific requirements a€c Building dynamic content with scripting languages and server-side Java-based extensions a€c Creating secure dynamic Web 2.0 sites with your dynamic content and database technologies of choice a€c Monitoring server instances in live production environments and optimizing performance a€c Resolving server errors and other anomalies in Web Server runtime behavior a€c Using actual server configuration files from Suna€™s own large-scale technology deployments a€c Using the detailed reference information on Sun Web Servera€™s main server configuration file About the Web Site This booka€™s companion web site,, contains FAQs, errata, answers to self-paced exercises, and links to download locations and product forums. Tool Command Language (Tcl) Support JACL (or the Java Command Language) is a Java implementation of the Tcl scripting language created by Dr. John Ousterhout. The command line ... The Tcl Reference Manual can be found atanbsp;...

Title:Sun Web Server
Author:William Nelson, Arvind Srinivasan, Murthy Chintalapati
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2009-08-13


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