Sunflowers, Magnolia Trees & Other Flowering Plants

Sunflowers, Magnolia Trees & Other Flowering Plants

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Discusses the parts of flowering plants, the parts of flowers, the life cycle of flowering plants, different types that exist in different climates, how people use them, and efforts to conserve them.ANNUAL Plant that completes its entire life cycle within one year BARK Hard, woody, outer layer of a large plant, such as a bush, shrub, ... PHLOEM Long, microscopic, tubelike vessels that carry energy-rich nutrients made in the leaves to all other parts of a plant ... out of the leaf, bringing in carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and taking away oxygen VASCULAR BUNDLES Groups of specialized ... Herea#39;s all you do: Visit FactHound will fetch the best sites for you!

Title:Sunflowers, Magnolia Trees & Other Flowering Plants
Author:Steve Parker
Publisher:Capstone - 2009


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