Super Baby Food

Super Baby Food

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A completely revised and updated edition of the best-selling qSuper Baby Foodq! Parents know that you get only one shot to feed your baby right and Ruth Yaron has been helping parents get it right for over 15 years. Ruth's book, qSuper Baby Foodq, is affectionately referred to as the baby food bible by over half a million parents world-wide because it literally contains everything you will ever need to know about feeding a baby and toddler. It features, for example, a very special type of baby cereal she calls Super Porridge. This is definitely not your mom's powdered white rice baby cereal. We are talking about organic, whole grains and legumes, blended and boiled at home with a bit of nutritional yeast and/or tahini sprinkled in for an extra nutritious touch. Sound like too much hassle? Ruth makes it simple and that's just one reason it is truly Super Baby Food! The new edition is filled with the same sound guidance the book has always had, and supplemented with the latest advice from the experts, including the USDA MyPlate and American Academy of Pediatricians recommendations. The book is filled with new recipes, new resources, and ways to connect with rapidly growing Super Baby Food communities online, all in an easy-to-navigate format.Sew non-slip patches to the bottom of a childa#39;s pajama feet to help prevent falls. Stick small bits of non-slip bath appliques to the bottom of new shoes to make them less slippery. Fix a shoe lace that is frayed on the end with a dab of nail polish, anbsp;...

Title:Super Baby Food
Author:Ruth Yaron
Publisher:FJ Roberts Publishing - 2013


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