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Winning the title of qWrestleManiacq sounds pretty awesome, especially for a twelve-year-old die-hard WWE fan. The WrestleManiac gets the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to carry the defending champ's belt at WrestleMania, not to mention a trip to the event and the possibility of meeting the champ! Problem is, first you have to win a nationwide competition, and WWE fans can be kind of . . . competitive! Read along as one kid does whatever it takes to win the title of WrestleManiac, even if it means bodyslamming the competition!Shawn watched as Alex positioned himself on his bed directly in front of a Rey Mysterio postera€”his whole room was a shrine to WWE. ... a€œIa#39;m Alex Garcia, and no one loves the WWE like I do. ... The truth is, if my father wasna#39;t going to Afghanistan at the end of the week, I dona#39;t think I would even think about entering. The truth is, hea#39;s a huge WWE fan. Ia#39;m not. The truth is, until last night, I didna#39;t really know the difference between John Cena and Sheamus or CM Punk and Rey Mysterio.

Author:Jeff Gottesfeld
Publisher:Penguin - 2011-08-04


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