Supergenes: What Really Makes Us Human

Supergenes: What Really Makes Us Human

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Why do we behave so differently in different situations? Why did you choose the clothes you are wearing, the books you read and the friends and opinions you have? What is it about humans that has let us achieve so much, so quickly? This book tries to understand why the evolution of our human species is happening at a rate so much faster than may be explained by Darwinian biological evolution alone. The engine of our extraordinary social evolution is human behaviour. We have a deep-seated need to pass on to others some part of our own achievements, what we have made of our lives. Our survival and success now depends principally on our adaption to our social environment and not to our physical environment. It is these supercharged social genes that are the essence of our remarkable and accelerating rate of evolution today. This book looks critically at our present understanding of human behaviour and evolution to seek a consilience across a wide range of fields of research. More at www.supergenes.netThere are now many fewer children given up at birth and many more are adopted because of problems their parents have with bringing up a child so that they are brought into care and then ultimately adopted. Although it is the case that theanbsp;...

Title:Supergenes: What Really Makes Us Human
Author:Craig MacKay
Publisher:Craig Mackay - 2008-03


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