Supramolecular chemistry

Supramolecular chemistry

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Supramolecular structures are highlighted in the context of their common field with the discussion extending to the latest, most up-to-date research results available. Beginning with simple complex-forming compounds and moving on to complex supramolecules and superstructures, it uses concise, self-contained chapters to discuss the interactions of several molecules and their properties, functions and applications to molecular aggregates and molecular assemblies. This approach underlines its close relationship to physics, physical chemistry and biochemistry, exposing its multidisciplinary nature. Molecular recognition, the directed interaction between host and guest, is also discussed in detail.Separation methods are also available for mixtures of radioisotopic ions [94]. Thus, the ... Figure 42 shows a separation diagram obtained from a mixture of salts (mixture of cations) separated on P-DB21C7 (73, n = 2), a crown ether resin [198].

Title:Supramolecular chemistry
Author:Fritz Vögtle, F. Alfter
Publisher:John Wiley & Son Ltd - 1991


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