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qSurvival: The Ultimate Missionq is a three part essay that deals with issues of survival. The first part focuses on what life is all about. The author makes an attempt to find a scientific explanation to immortality. The second part envisages a world without the need for personal automobiles. In this part, the writer explains, in details, why this would be necessary in the future. He also outlines how more jobs would be created by implementing this measure. The third, and final part, begins by introducing a new industry which the author calls the qSurvivalq industry. However, he introduces more current ideas on how governments, around the world, would be able to create billions of jobs and add trillions of dollars to the world economy. In his opinion, moving from an era where high unemployment is the norm to a state where labour shortage prevails is as easy as 1, 2, 3...!Nothing but inflated rubber tires would support trucks which could weight in excess of 200 tons. ... human race, we would be pleased to realize that by using rubber for construction, future generations will be recycling old rubbers and thus ... They can make their money by leasing the space or running it as a business venture.

Author:Robert Skaf - 2013-02-21


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