Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest

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Does God really exist? Are science and religion incompatible bedfellows? Charles Darwin shook philosophy to its foundations with his theory of evolution, yet strangely, he himself refrained from commenting in depth about the religious implications for fear of adding to the furor.But suppose that he did in fact write down his conclusions as a secret addendum to his seminal work, Origin of Species. And suppose his beloved wife, Emma, who kept her own secret journal, was the only other person to know of this hidden postscript.The novel Survival of the Fittest is the modern story of the search for these two hugely significant works. An eccentric London antiquarian book dealer is hired by an equally eccentric American billionaire to track down the documents for his world-famous collection of original manuscripts.The complex investigation ranges across England, from historic towns and stately piles to prisons and Darwin homes, and involves a series of encounters ranging from the criminal to the romantic and the revelatory. Along the way, it explores the spiritual struggle within the extraordinary Darwin household, and the effects of that same struggle on the creators of the atom bomb and on modern terrorists.This dramatic investigation of mana€™s spiritual dilemma occupies the spaces between authors Dan Brown and Richard Dawkins.Will that do you?a#39; a#39;Sounds wonderful.a#39; She waved to a huge and battered leather sofa as she went to the cluttered kitchen area. ... weight of concerns slipping from his shoulders, and sank back into the deep leather cushions with a relief he had not felt for a long while. ... from her alcoholic and violent journalist husband, and the newly bonded couple took the lone and distressed woman under their wing.

Title:Survival of the Fittest
Author:Robin Hawdon
Publisher:Publish on Demand Global - 2013-07-16


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