Sushi Secrets

Sushi Secrets

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qFinally, a sushi book that actually works! Sushi may seem mysterious and exotic but making great sushi at home is something anyone can do with a little guidance from an expert. In 2003, Marisa Baggett boarded a Greyhound bus with a one-way ticket to Los Angeles and $300 in her pocket to study at the California Sushi Academy. After her studies were completed she moved to Memphis, Tennessee bringing with her a passion and knowledge of both traditional and nontraditional sushi. Here are the results: Caterpillar Rolls deftly wrapped with slices of avocado, Scallop Carpaccio sashimi drizzled with hot butter and ponzu sauce, Pork Thin Rolls with Gingered Cherries, and Spicy Tuna inside out rolls; all of them delicious and all of them very easy to make once Marisa shows you how. Baggett includes surefire recipes for making perfect sushi rice, and tips on how to find and buy the freshest seafood. With this book you'll be ready to prepare a host of sushi and sashimi recipes and it gives loads of hints on how to slash otherwise lengthy prep times. From the traditional favorites to new and unique combinations, Sushi Secrets will have you rolling delicious sushi like a pro in no time at allq--CHAPTER 4 Thin Rolls 77 Making Thin Rolls 78 Basil Plum Rolls (Umejhiso Maki) 78 Butternut Squash Rolls 80 Avocado Maki Rolls 81 Tuna and Green Onion Rolls 81 Grilled Lamb Rolls with Mint 82 Mussel and Asparagus Rolls 83 Sesameanbsp;...

Title:Sushi Secrets
Author:Marisa Baggett
Publisher:Tuttle Publishing - 2013-12-13


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