Sustainable Compromises

Sustainable Compromises

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Living simply isna€™t always simple. When Alan Boye first lived in sustainable housing, he was young, idealistic, and not much susceptible to compromisea€”until rattlesnakes, black widow spiders, and loneliness drove him out of the utilities-free yurt hea€™d built in New Mexico. Thirty-five years later, he decided to try again. This time, with an idealism tempered by experience and practical considerations, Boye and his wife constructed an off-the-grid, energy-efficient, straw bale house in Vermont. Sustainable Compromises chronicles these two remarkable attempts to live simply in two disparate American eras. Writing with hard-won authority and humor, Boye takes up the a€œhow-toa€ practicalities of a€œbuilding green, a€ from finances to nuts and bolts to strains on friends and family. With Walden as a historical and philosophical touchstone and his own experience as a practical guide, he also explores the ethical and environmental concerns that have framed such undertakings from Thoreaua€™s day to our own. A firsthand account of the pleasures and pitfalls of living simply, his book is a deeply informed and engaging reflection on what sustainability really meansa€”in personal, communal, ethical, and environmental terms.Itwas what Icalla greatgrandmother tree, asugar maple of such incrediblegirth and height thatit dwarfed allelse, anancient ... Iwas not confident enough with a chain saw to cut down such a massive tree, much less toset itdown exactly whereitanbsp;...

Title:Sustainable Compromises
Author:Alan Boye
Publisher:U of Nebraska Press - 2014-05-01


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