Swallow's Tail

Swallow's Tail

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The Swallowa€™s Tail a€“ yesterdaya€™s pivot point a€“ tomorrowa€™s transformation promise. Rone is on the cusp of devastation with the Dalin Clan at its epicentre. The realm is crumbling and each player has his own set of rules to win the game. In Cragholme, home of the beleaguered Dalin Clan, newly ascended Warlord Ratha seeks to purge her people of all connection to the past. With a view toward a future of her own making, old comrades are abandoned or imprisoned, while new allies a€“ living and dead a€“ are recruited in an attempt to realize her vision. Religious leaders in Dunthallen, seat of House Vanne, recognize the instability of the Dalin and seize the opportunity to muster an army and march north with conquest in mind. The former Warlord Gor and his allies, having traversed the cosmos to the Outside in search of vengeance, find that in Hell they come to resemble that which they revile. Despite pain and crisis, seeds of new love are sown. They realize that their path lies in the World of Men, and toward an evil that lurks in the jungle. A new breed of genre fiction a€“ dark, literary, and provocative a€“Swallowa€™s Tail continues the gripping saga of Rone, a unique and imaginative world even more compelling for its similarities to our own. As Worlda€™s End draws ever nearer, it becomes clear that there is more to fear than just the dark.As he sat on the street-side of the entry, facing Kilmun-estas, Godsa#39; Lane, as he had done every day, clansmen who ... he only conceded to the routine of an open door and vacant smile so as to feel the sun for a few hours each day. ... Those few who glanced his way did so only briefly. ... a€œThe green priest has turned to Iren, a€ said a woman walking hand in hand with a young boy, clearly pleased with heranbsp;...

Title:Swallow's Tail
Author:William Carson
Publisher:Morning Rain Publishing - 2014-11-28


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