Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings

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Lifea€™s sweetest moments happen when you least expect them . . . When Ruby McMillana€™s husband announces one morning that hea€™s dumping her for another woman, shea€™s unable to decide which indignity stings the most: the dissolution of their eighteen-year marriage or the deflation of her white-chocolate soufflAc with raspberry Grand Marnier sauce. Without a good-bye to their two teenaged children, Walter leaves Ruby to cope with her ruined dessert, an unpaid mortgage, and her failing bakery. With only royal icing holding her together, Ruby still manages to pick herself up and move on, subsidizing her income with an extra job as a baking instructor, getting a a€œmy-husbanda€™s-gonea€ makeover, and even flirting with her gorgeous mortgage broker, Jacob Salt. For as long as she can remember, Ruby has done whata€™s practical, eschewing far-fetched dreams and true love in favor of stability. But suddenly single again at the age of forty-four, shea€™s beginning to discover that life is most delicious when you stop following a recipe and just live.Because suddenly I realize that I am starting to suffocate from the thousands of goose feathers lying on top of my face. ... I tell myself that ita#39;s probably better to wait awhile, just to make sure the whole thing sticks. ... She wears a stonewashed denim skirt that stops midway down her tanned thighs, a peachy-pink halter top over her budding ... He is, however, aware of this fact and always has a handkerchief.

Title:Sweet Nothings
Author:Janis Thomas
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-07-02


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