Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

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A timely and authoritative review of the current state of selectivedetector technology This book was written for professionals who need to keep abreast ofthe latest developments and emerging trends in selective detectorsand their applications. It comprises contributions from many of theleading innovators and pioneers in the field, including JamesLovelock, inventor of the electron capture detector, whose owncontribution is certain to be a rich source of ideas andinspiration for all who read it. Offering a balanced presentationof theory and practice, Selective Detectors: aˆ— Reviews the theory and underlying principles of a broad range ofdevices aˆ— Discusses, in detail, capabilities and current applications, withan emphasis on interdisciplinary applications, includingenvironmental, petrochemical, biomedical, and quality control aˆ— Explores, in depth, the latest advances and emerging technologies aˆ— Arms readers with a wealth of practical qhowa€“toq information onselecting, using, modifying, and building selective detectors for awide range of applications Future historians studying the late twentieth century will almostcertainly come to view the advent of selective detectors as amongthe truly formative technological developments of the period.Anyone who doubts this thesis need only consider the impact ofselective detection on environmental quality, the sciences, technology, medicine, business and industry, public policy, qualitycontrol, and many other fields. Yet, despite the obvious importanceof selective detectors, there continues to be a scarcity of booksdedicated to helping professionals keep abreast of the latestdevelopments and emerging trends in this in fluentialtechnology. This timely and authoritative review of the current state ofselective detector technology fills that gap. This book focuses onthe newest selective detectors for chromatographic analysis.Conceived and shepherded into existence by a major figure inanalytical chemistry and environmental analysis, it includescontributions from many of the leading innovators and pioneers inthe field. Most prominent among these is Dr. James Lovelock, inventor of the electron capture detector, whose chapter on thehistory and development of selective detectors will be a richsource of ideas and inspiration for all who read it. Offering a balanced presentation of theory and practice, SelectiveDetectors reviews the theory and underlying principles of selectivedetectors; discusses, in detail, their current capabilities andapplications; explores the latest advances and emergingtechnologies; and arms readers with a wealth of practical qhowa€“toqinformation on selecting, using, modifying, and building selectivedetectors for a wide range of applications. Selective Detectors is an invaluable resource for analyticalchemists and technicians working in a variety of disciplines, including environmental science, petrochemical industries, the foodand beverage industries, biotechnology, medicine, and more.These true stories provide the inspiration and motivation needed to move marketing forward in your own business, integrating it into the heart of your leadership and decision-making processes.

Title:Sweet Spot
Author:Arun Sinha
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2006-12-05


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