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Overweight? Out of shape? Try Swell-Wimpa€”a revolutionary new program of sexual exercises designed to help you reduce and control your weight. No expensive equipment required. No strict diet. Swell-Wimp is simple, ita€™s natural and ita€™s fun! Sounds plausible, doesna€™t it? Every form of exercise qburnsq calories, so engaging in sexual exercise should work as well as any other type. Swell-Wimp is a humorous parody of exercise, diet and self-help books. With Swell-Wimp you maximize energy expenditure during sexual activity. How? Burn more calories during sex by vocalizing (sing, laugh, yell), exercising (sexual sit-ups, push-ups and dancing) and wearing more qclothesq (coats, weight belts, heavy shoes). Absurd? No, ita€™s all very logical.However, shaving your pubic hair may result in a self-consciousness that can enhance sexual activity just as wearing sexy ... Shaving off a grey beard may make you look younger and allowing your beard to grow may make you look moreanbsp;...

Author:Perry Bathous, Clarissa Flanders
Publisher:iUniverse - 1999


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