Switched at Birth

Switched at Birth

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a€œAfter inexplicably being placed in the wrong bassinet at the city hospital where I was born, I grew up with a nagging feeling of somehow not belonging, and a father who always suspected I was not his. I lived anothera€™s life and he mine, our paths amazingly crossing throughout the years, until 57 years later I discovered the truth. This is the story of my life in someone elsea€™s world, my quest for answers, and how Ia€™ve come to terms with the hand which fate has dealt me.a€ a€“ Fred George, Author This is a story about two boys who, at birth, were inexplicably switched, a switch that would dramatically change the authora€™s life in every aspecta€”religion, ethnicity, economics, and culture. Time and time again, the two boysa€™ paths cross with one anothera€™s before ultimately discovering, decades later, that they arena€™t who they spent their whole lives believing they were. At 57, Fred George sees his birth family for the first time, recognizing in them his own mannerisms and traits. Georgea€™s retelling of his switch at birth is not so much an account of the switch itself, but rather the story of his life from birth to present with the George family.The story is interesting and insightful, complete with family photos that provide readers with an inside view of the culture and of the times of Georgea€™s life.We didna#39;t have a ball or a bat, so we would make a ball out of rolled-up socks. Then we could ... We sometimes called them soap box derbys, but they were a real strippeddown version of a soap box car. My older sister ... There were plenty of steep grades near where we lived, so you could get going really fast. We used toanbsp;...

Title:Switched at Birth
Author:Frederick J. George
Publisher:Book Hub Inc - 2013-04-17


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