Syndrome W

Syndrome W

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As seen on The Rachael Ray Show! If youa€™re a woman of a a€œcertain age, a€ you know what wea€™re talking about: that unexplained weight gain that creeps up no matter what you try to do to stop it. Enter Syndrome W, the book named for the metabolic condition caused by abnormal insulin levels commonly found in women aged 30 to 60. Dr. Harriette R. Mogul, the physician who discovered the condition, shows how it can be reversed when properly diagnosed and treated so you can regain your waistline! From understanding the symptoms, to finding a doctor who can help, to creating a food and exercise plan, and beyond, Dr. Mogul provides the practical tips that will help you reverse Syndrome W. In addition to providing the tools you need to understand and fix Syndrome W, Dr. Mogul provides mouth-watering recipes, including Tailgate Turkey Chili, Wildflower Crab Cake with Vanilla Mango-Chutney and Lemon Thyme Vinaigrette, Wild Mushroom SautAc, and Concord Grape and Burgundy Poached Pears with Quinoa Crisp Cookies, each specially designed to complement the treatment for correcting Syndrome Wa€”forever!Eat Sitting Downa€”Not Standing Up Make a check mark in column 1 in the food diary if you did this. ... Believe it or not, you can consume thousands of calories if you snack while answering your email, baking cookies, 3 or sampling ... In an era defined by multitasking, ita#39;s very tempting to try to save time by eating while you do something elsea€”watch your kids, ... This may add a little extra time to your schedule, but it will also add many extra calories each day and extra pounds each year.

Title:Syndrome W
Author:Harriette D. P. H. R. Mogul
Publisher:Government Institutes - 2010-09-25


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