Syria Under Assad (RLE Syria)

Syria Under Assad (RLE Syria)

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One of the most striking recent developments in the modern Middle East has been the transformation of Syria under Hafez al-Assad from a weak, vulnerable and internally divided state to a leading regional power. While this is increasingly acknowledged by observers of the Middle Eastern scene , the scholarly discussion of the origins, the scope, the durability and the implications of this change is only beginning to take place. Syria Under Assad addresses itself to this discussion. Based on a carefully selected collection of original articles, this volume focuses on the elements of Syriaa€™s power, on Syriaa€™s relations with each of its neighbours as well as on Syriaa€™s relations with the superpowers. In the final analysis, conclude the editors, Syrian policies appear paradoxical. Its conduct ever since the advent of Hafez al-Assad exhibits subtle and hard-nosed pragmatism. Yet, in order to consolidate the domestic legitimacy of the Alawi Baa€™athist regime, Syria has been impelled to articulate its foreign policy goals in the far-flung rhetoric of the Baa€™athist ideology. As a result Syria is widely perceived of as a menace and, treated as such, it often responds in kind.The selection of states for a comparative discussion of national power is based on the notion of relevant reference groups. Briefly, a reference group in international relations is a set of states with which a given country interacts on a fairlyanbsp;...

Title:Syria Under Assad (RLE Syria)
Author:Moshe Maoz, Avner Yaniv
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-11-26


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