Systematics of Fruit Crops

Systematics of Fruit Crops

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qTaxonomists dealing with fruit crops have rated systematic pomology as an advanced horticultural subject and takes into consideration the basic aspects of taxonomy i.e. identification, naming of fruit plant species and varieties, besides, placements or logical classification of each fruit type under specific units of classification. For sound horticultural systematic knowledge primarily those of taxonomy, morphology, genetics, cytology and plant breeding is essential. For good reading material it is essential for systematic pomologists to use information of the associated sciences with appropriate explanations and applications. The present work provides elementary knowledge to the students who have started studying systematic pomology and covers: Introduction (three sub-heads) presents the more academic elements of taxonomy related to the theories, hypothesis, basic principles pre-requisite of systematics which are required for a minimum working knowledge of systematic pomology. The detail regarding general origin and distribution, flower and fruit structure is given so that students with this background knowledge are in a position to cope with problems related both to varietal descriptions and testing. Significance of systematic pomology to varietal improvement, new variety sources and methods of synthesis are detailed. The section 1-4 comprises of systematic enumeration of 58 fruits, discussed under the heads of tropical and subtropical, small fruits, nut fruits and temperate fruits. Each crop covers in detail the historical background, origin, distribution and uses, pomological traits of fruit, important species and cultivars and line drawings of flowers and fruits structures. List of cultivars is restricted to popular cultivars as the cultivation status is ever changing. The glossary and annexures are designed with thrust on clarity and brevity. The annexures provide detailed information of fruit crops, fruit types, genera, species and tribes, their number and status in fruit crop families. Botanical terms chart provides morphological description of leaf, floral structure and form, inflorescence root and rootstock for easily understanding by the readers.Of the different kinds of fruit tree, durian is the most important found in abundance and is rated very highly. ... carpel and it is through these lines that the fruit is cut open with a knife to reach the edible part which is cream-coloured pulp, in which anbsp;...

Title:Systematics of Fruit Crops
Author:Girish Sharma
Publisher:New India Publishing - 2009


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