Systemic and Borderline Banking Crises

Systemic and Borderline Banking Crises

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In Systemic and Borderline Banking Crises, a well-respected doctor of economic sciences shares his comprehensive analysis of the genesis and growth of the systemic banking crisis in many countries, providing a useful resource for students, lecturers, and bankers who wish to broaden their study of economics. Irakli Kovzanadze is an economics professor who possesses more than twenty years of professional experience in the banking institutions of Georgia, other post-Soviet countries, and Europe. While presenting a summary of both the theoretical and practical approaches, addressing the causes and progression, and providing ways to forecast and prevent future banking crises, Dr. Kovzanadze delves into a series of related topics including: Types and forms of manifestation a€c Role of monetary and credit policies in averting and overcoming a crisis a€c Systemic banking crises in other countries and transitional economies a€c Function of regulations and how they can create a sustainable banking system a€c Principles of establishing a deposit insurance system in Georgia This study relies on research material reflective of the experiences of different countries and regions of the world to provide not only an in-depth look at Georgiaa€™s current banking challenges, but also the ways to prevent a future crisis.A complex definition of restructuring of the banking system is as follows: a€œUnder the restructuring of the banking system is understood a ... To further illustrate, the formation of protestant work ethics which consider that the success in business as being one of the most ... on the establishment and formation of what is today the modern banking systems in many countries of Northern and Western Europe.

Title:Systemic and Borderline Banking Crises
Author:Irakli Kovzanadze
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-09-21


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