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a€œPunctuating your purposea€ is what T-Time - A Rites of Passage Manual for the Adolescent Female is about. This initiation guide book for women who desire to give young females a powerful spiritually charged, emotionally invigorating welcome into womanhood was born from a fusion of Native American and West African customs. This marriage has created a celebratory ritual, which puts rites of passage initiates and participants on a spiritual journey to illuminate their souls for a lifetime. Historical references used in T-Time (a€œtransition timea€) regarding various cultural rituals allow the reader-turned-facilitator to define the process young girls experience as they go from grade school to middle school -- from baptism to praise dance -- and from daddya€™s little angel to a budding princess. This generally occurs with little fanfare and no outstanding life-altering ritual. T-Time will change that. In this book women are encouraged, through a series of cleansing rituals, aromatic meditations, vigorous prayer, laying on of hands, libation, charges and divination to boldly declare to their flowering girls, a€œYou are now a woman!a€ The upward movement from a€œGirla€ to a€œYou-go-girla€ to a€œWomana€ should culminate in an intense but exhilarating T-Time ceremony not to be missed.A Rites of Passage Manual for the Adolescent Female Raining Deer. Most individuals already ... He shared his grandfathera#39;s wisdom in his book, Ritual: Power, Healing, and Community, . . The good in a service has little to do with the service itself hut with the kind of heart one hrings to the task. a€ Warning Some, who ... 2 Pulasu a€” Bearing Witness to the Other I/Vorld, Raining Deer, copyright 1996. 9696a#39;!)

Author:Raining Deer
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2005-03-29


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