TACCLE2 - e-learning for primary teac hers

TACCLE2 - e-learning for primary teac hers

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TACCLE2 e-learning for primary teachers - A step-by-step guide to improving teaching and learning in your classroom is a project funded by the EU under its Lifelong Learning Programme. We, the authors, are real teachers just like you and wea€™ve got the battle-scars to prove it! Our aim is to help other teachers enhance their current practice by providing support and guidance as they begin bridging the gaps that have, until now, prevented them from taking advantage of the educational opportunities that information and communication technologies have to offer. This handbook contains 38 step-by-step comprehensive lessons, graded according to difficulty and organized according to age group and subject. As well as detailed lesson instructions you will also find handy hints and tips to help you avoid any potential pitfalls, safety notes so that you can be as confident as possible that learners will use the internet safely and responsibly, and a list of loads more ways you can use an applications once youa€™ve mastered it. Wea€™re such nice people wea€™ve also included links to examples that wea€™ve use, links to online tutorials and helpful websites!or show them this video made by children for children www.youtube.com/watch?v =x9yr_1w4dJ8 each child needs to choose a ... a picture to illustrate the book! on the interactive whiteboard show them how to find a free Qr code generator a€“ www .qrstuff.com is very good ... into the box labelled a#39;website urla#39;. at this stage, you can ignore the a#39;choose a coloura#39; function. choose a#39;downloada#39; - the simplest output anbsp;...

Title:TACCLE2 - e-learning for primary teac hers
Author:Nicholas Daniels, Jenny Hughes, Fernando Albuquerque Costa, Jan Bierweiler, Koen DePryck, Linda Castañeda, Gabriela Grosseck, Carla Rodriguez, Mar Sánchez, Katleen Vanden Driessche, Laura Malita, Isabel Gutiérrez Porlán,, Pedro Reis, Carine Schepers
Publisher:GO! Internationalisering -


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