Tailor Made

Tailor Made

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Escaping life on a farm, sexy Wyatt Taylor runs to the nearest city after college where he finds and loses both love and employment. Down but not out, the handsome young man rebounds by landing the coveted position as assistant to powerful Portland, Oregon, business tycoon, William Bowen. Cold and precise, the mogul has a rarified life of privilege that leaves no room for error. Thrust into a world of jet set travel and caviar, Wyatt is given little direction about his new career and is fitted with a designer wardrobe. Clothes may not make the man, but Wyatt loves the beautifully tailored suits, wearing them like modern armor without realizing a connection between the way he looks in his new work a€œuniforma€ and Bowena€™s clients.That happened a lot to the low guy on the totem around here it seemed. ... desk, slamming down into her space age design chair that probably cost more than the annual salary I had been promised. ... a€œIf you had read the material you OBVIOUSLY did not read you would know that you should be at the airport, where Mr. Bowen is. ... Find her house and paint her garage. ... Iwas hardly familiar with how much to pay per ride on the Portland Public transit bus system and now here I wasanbsp;...

Title:Tailor Made
Publisher:BK Wright -


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